Action Research Projects

As part of their teaching course, all our students completing their Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (DTLLS) / Diploma of Education & Training (DET) are required to undertake a research project.

They must identify a problem within their own specialist area, consider and then test the solution.  There are many interesting results from these projects and students have to present their findings in a way that shows they can carry out an academic research project.

The DET / DTLLS qualification is equivalent to second year university.  As many of our students completing this qualification do not come from an academic background, the content and level of their work is commendable.

There are over 70 different projects listed, and below are the latest ones to be published.  You can search by author, title, and / or subject area e.g. online learning, vocational, foreign language.

We hope you find these projects both interesting and thought-provoking.

If you are inspired after reading some of the projects listed, and would like to complete your own Action Research project as part of the Diploma in Education & Training qualification, contact us for more information.

If you would like to develop your research skills further, we also offer a Level 6 Diploma in Research and Study Skills.