The MKLC Journey

At MKLC, we believe that learning is a lifelong pursuit.

Life is an endless process of discovery; each day brings new opportunities to learn, to develop and to grow. No matter how old we are, what we do or where we come from, amazing opportunities to build upon our knowledge are easily within our grasp.

While the quest for knowledge is boundless – a journey without a destination – there are endless pathways that lay waiting to be discovered with the potential to shape our future. Pathways that can uncover exciting new worlds of understanding, meaning and self-fulfilment.  

This philosophical approach to learning is the driving force behind MKLC Training. We aim to deliver quality online teaching to guide lifelong learners along their own pathways of discovery.


A special learning journey: Judith McKeon, founder of MKLC

Judith McKeon, founder of MKLC, is one such lifelong learner whose inspired learning journey is as varied as it is remarkable.

Earning her first degree in languages in New Zealand, Judith went on to train as a teacher before relocating to the UK to establish a language learning centre. Whilst running the learning centre, Judith successfully completed an MBA.

Soon after, Judith began looking into her family history and realised her passion for research. Upon discovering her great, great grandfather had been killed in the Crimea in 1852, Judith wanted to learn everything she could about the events surrounding the war, and the times her ancestors had lived through. 

The fascinating insights that were revealed through Judith’s research into her family history inspired her own learning journey that saw her notably achieve both an MA and a PhD in History.


MKLC:  Then and Now

It is only fitting that Judith’s personal learning journey in many ways parallels the evolution of MKLC in becoming a quality provider of online teaching courses.

From its humble beginnings as a local language learning centre, MKLC has continued along its own pathway of discovery to expand its services and offer a broad range of courses including international and English language training, innovative teacher training, professional development and management courses.

In keeping with its vision of lifelong learning, MKLC continues to broaden its educational reach with the latest addition to its online suite of training courses, the Research Diploma.

MKLC was once an idea that was brought to life through the learning journey of one person. We’ve now helped over 15,000 students worldwide gain educational qualifications.

Where will your learning journey take you?  

Click on the following to view our ONLINE COURSES, our English Courses, or perhaps read the Action Research Projects that have been submitted by our students as part of their Diploma qualifications and might inspire you to undertake some action research of your own.