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How do I overcome fear / reluctance in students learning first aid?

The most popular course is the 3 day First Aid at Work (FAW) course. This is a mixture of theory and practice, but it's mostly a practical course and, for it to flow and for the students to get the full benefit of the course, its needs full student participation, which needs the student to want to be there. A growing problem that I and fellow teachers have noticed, is a lack of engagement from the student into the course.

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How can I encourage greater participation of learners in maths activities whilst teaching vocational subjects?

This research therefore is intended to develop strategies to engage students on this study programme to increase their confidence to learn maths by effectively embedding maths activities into the teaching of the vocational subject.  It is also intended to measure the impact of this work on their overall attitude to learning maths as a broader subject and whether it is possible to move the students away from having a fixed mind-set in relation to this subject area. 

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How can I encourage participation and interaction of withdrawn or shy learners with their peers and myself (the teacher) whilst in the classroom?

I want to research and develop strategies for dealing with shy and withdrawn students so that they can become a bit more confident and so that they don’t feel awkward within the class. I am interested in finding out why some students are very confident in the classroom and will communicate freely and why others don’t.

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Retention in Health & Fitness Teaching Sector

The areas I have defined above may sound easy to include in a class or they may sound difficult depending on your point of view, but I believe they are much harder to achieve for a teacher of fitness than many students realise, hence the number of newly qualified teachers that leave our industry constantly.

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Jane Cullenmotivation
What is the Impact of Learners’ Work and Personal Commitments on Learner Participation Using the Elearning Platform as a Teaching Approach?

My study will look at learner participation on e-learning portals on the Health and Social Care courses. The study will aim to explore learner participation on forums, their utilisation of resources and peer support to meet the guided learning hours of the course as well as the assessment criteria.

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Expecting the Unexpected - High Achievement Rates in E2E, Can It Happen?

In January 2007, the Nuffield Review of 14-19 Education and Training (2006) which was put forward to the Education and Skills Select Committee, stated that “The participant study (Entry to Employment Participant Study Final Report, (October 2003) Spielhofer, Mann and Sims LSDA and referred to below) registered overall positive experience of young people in the pathfinder programmes. However, the gains reported were more at the level of personal development and job search skills and much less at that of literacy and numeracy.” This is totally at odds with the outcome of my research findings (maybe I‟ll send them a copy) and mine and my colleagues‟ experience on our E2E programme.

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Emma Hymanmotivation, CPD
E-Learning and Increasing Uptake of Management Qualifications

The area of research I have chosen is to look at is the problem of poor uptake of ILM leadership programmes at level 3, 4 and 5. The registrations on these programmes in our centre is falling each year and feedback from enquiries is often that the time to go on the traditional taught programmes is a barrier, as well as travel and accommodation costs to attend. Also leaver rates on these programs are also high with success rates being 25% currently of people starting the programme, 55% of registrations with the ILM. The length of time to complete the programme at level 5 is often over 2 years, compared to target end date of one year. 

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Motivation in the L2 Classroom

One of these issues is motivation towards target language, which is a critical area of concern itself for second language Teachers. A major concern to second or foreign language (L2) researchers has been the role played by motivational factors in L2 learning and it is a complex phenomenon as these factors are deep within the students’ mind. And this shall form the central focus of this study. As a teacher of these students, what matters most to me can be summed up in the simple question that forms the basis of my enquiry: What are the attitudes and motivation in Learning English?

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Enhancing Enthusiasm for Learning Religious Education Without Generating a Financial Burden on the Philosophy and Religion Department at the Northampton School for Boys.

The concern that I have identified related to the low enthusiasm for, specifically, Religious Education (RE) and the minimal use of valuable media resources that could prove to be a stimuli for fun, inspirational and creative RE lessons. However, this concern was two fold-as I was trying to find ways of implementing money saving extra curricular applications for our department at the Northampton School for Boys (NSB).

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Changing Our Learners Limiting Beliefs

“to know thyself” can lead to a lifetime of investigation. Self-knowledge becomes an outcome of learning. John Zubizaretta (2004, 2009),
The purpose of my research was to devise a system/model to re-engage disengaged learners and help those that have fallen by the wayside; disinterested, goal deprived and lost in the educational system.

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