Colette Hardiman - Student of the Month

We are so pleased to announce that Colette Hardiman is Student of the Month, who is currently studying her CET qualification with MKLC Training.  

All of our students are asked for their feedback on the course, and for our Student of the Month, we also ask them to let us know their motivations for taking the course, and what they hope to achieve.....

I am a Holistic Massage Practitioner and have been an assistant tutor with the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork for the past 4 years.

Earlier this year I decided to start my CET qualification to enable me to become an accredited tutor for the Massage Training Institute.

Whilst I had some time issues fitting the assignments in earlier in the year, I have found the course to be interesting and it has given me a deeper insight and altered my approach and considerations when teaching. I feel my teaching skills and awareness have improved because of this course.
— Colette

Colette was nominated by her tutor Stu:

Colette’s work is always really well written, organised and referenced with interesting examples from her vocational area which is based at a massage and bodywork teaching college.

However, her latest submission for the Certificate in Education course (UR Reflective journal: assessment criteria 1.1, 2.1, 3.1, 3.2) is of particular merit. In this reflection, Colette evaluates the resources used to determine if they meet the needs of her learners. She does this in a thorough, engaging and frank manner using equality and diversity as a reference point to check if the resources are accessible for all types of learners. Colette accomplished the task and was able to identify the positives and developmental needs in the resources to assist her institution to move forward in continuing to assist its learners.