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How do I overcome fear / reluctance in students learning first aid?

The most popular course is the 3 day First Aid at Work (FAW) course. This is a mixture of theory and practice, but it's mostly a practical course and, for it to flow and for the students to get the full benefit of the course, its needs full student participation, which needs the student to want to be there. A growing problem that I and fellow teachers have noticed, is a lack of engagement from the student into the course.

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How can I encourage greater participation of learners in maths activities whilst teaching vocational subjects?

This research therefore is intended to develop strategies to engage students on this study programme to increase their confidence to learn maths by effectively embedding maths activities into the teaching of the vocational subject.  It is also intended to measure the impact of this work on their overall attitude to learning maths as a broader subject and whether it is possible to move the students away from having a fixed mind-set in relation to this subject area. 

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Does skills development and work related skills interventions as a collaborated approach, support more claimants into employment on Work Programme?

As the sole trainer on WP it is my responsibility to identify a scheme of work that best fits the claimants and increases their work skills and employability. I intend on designing sessions that focus on the development of practical work skills and how these skills are linked with competencies in the workplace. 

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Food Hygiene Training in the Food Industry

‘It is important for the Government to recognise the obstacles that might face small business in the implementation of hygiene and related principles------- A complete understanding of the barriers to implementation in small businesses will allow government to develop a better policy and select the most appropriate solution to address their strategy. (WHO 2005)

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Action Research into Apprenticeships in the Vehicle Body Repair Industry, Including the Role of Vehicle Damage Assessors

The primary purpose of this research is to establish if there is a need for an apprenticeship within the vehicle body repair industry for Vehicle Damage Assessors (VDA). At the time of writing this project no such apprenticeship for this role exists, although a National Occupation Standard (NOS) for the role has been written. Again at the time of writing this has not been approved by government. The NOS lists the roles for VDA which range from NVQ Level 2 to NVQ Level 4, including the role of apprentice. 

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Philip Archervocational