Vaida Kenny - Student of the Month!

We are so pleased to announce that Andrea Wilde is Student of the Month, having completed her Award in Education & Training.  

All of our students are asked for their feedback on the course, and for our Student of the Month, we also ask them to let us know their motivations for taking the course, and what they hope to achieve.....

I have just completed the training with MKLC Training in Award in Education and Training - online course for a week with Micro teach through Skype. I found it excellent!

It was intense and very high standard. I’ve learned so much. Guidance throughout was so good. Tutors were very helpful and pleasant. My tutor Judith was so patient and supportive all the way through. Any questions i had was always answered. Tutor Emma was lovely and friendly as well.

I feel so proud of myself for completing this course. I will use all this knowledge I have now from this experience to train people in the future in my field of expertise - eyelash extensions. I know now what is needed to provide good training and to create good lesson plan and good course for others and have everyone involved. Thank you so so much!!!
— Vaida