The Assessor Award - what you need to know

Over the years, as qualifications are updated to reflect the change in industry requirements, they also undergo a change in name to help differentiate from the older qualification.  The Assessor Award - aka A1 Assessor Award, D32 / D33, and the 6317 (through City & Guilds) is one such qualification.

The current Assessor Award comprises of three units, and the qualification title will vary according to the units achieved:

·         Unit 1 & 2:          Award in Assessing Competence in the Work Environment

·         Unit 1 & 3:          Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement

·         Units 1, 2, & 3:    Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement

It’s also important to know which units are actually required for you to successfully carry out your role.  We have had students who were informed they needed to enrol onto the ‘CAVA’ (some institutions use this acronym to mean all three units), but their role only required them to assess in the workplace or the classroom.  As such, they only need to complete 2 of the 3 units.

Another popular acronym is TAQA, which most popularly stands for training, assessing and quality assurance.  As such, people are often confused as to whether they need the Assessor Award or IQA qualification.  Again, the qualification required depends on the role you carry out.  The Assessor Award is for those who assess the work of a student, and the IQA qualification is for those who verify the work of the assessor. 

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