Life as an au pair in the UK

What do I want to do after my graduation?

This is the question most students ask themselves while enjoying their great luxury life living at home with their parents. Life carries on, so you need to decide what you want to do after finishing school. The answer for most female students is to take a break and move to a different country. In my case the same, I decided to become an Au Pair for six months. What this means and if it was the right decision – you will see.

The first question which people asked me a hundred times, before I flew to the UK was:

Why do you want to be an Au Pair in England?

I thought a lot about my future life and had some ideas for possible jobs. I wrote applications for several jobs and companies. I did a few internships/ work experience, but nothing got me to sign the contract. I had a plan B and after more than ten interviews with potential families, I found one, which suits my life and needs perfectly.

Good to know, as an Au Pair you have to do some skype interview or phone calls to get a real impression of the family’s and what their life is like. Otherwise you won’t enjoy your time at your new home.

Although this wasn’t my first choice, it turned out to be the better one.

The advantages of being an Au Pair: 

-          you get time to think about your future plans

-          you will make new friends

-          you learn about another culture

-          you will have time to go on exciting adventures

-          you’re able to make a lot of experiences

-          you will learn how to manage a household and take care of yourself and others

The list of advantages doesn’t have an end. You will be able to add a lot more after your time as Aupair.

What you will do as an Au Pair depends on the family’s lifestyle, mainly it is about the children. You will have to take care of them, take them to their hobbies and play with them during their free time. Most Au Pairs are off on the weekend, that’s a perfect time to meet other Au Pairs or students in your area.


Was it a good decision to go on this never ending journey?

I just arrived and have had so many experiences so far. After just over one month I have been several times to London, met so many new friends, been out to enjoy the English nightlife and managed my daily life at home.

I never really thought about how it could be living in the UK, also I never thought about what the people would be like, because I never have been here before, I was very open- minded about everything. Furthermore I think that this is an important part of being an Au Pair. You have to be open to people, culture and lifestyle, because it is about you. This time will help you to take action and be an independent person in your future career.