Employers Prefer Private Training Providers Over Colleges

According to recent research from the Skills Funding Agency, employers are more satisfied when working with private training providers instead of a college.  

Figures from the SFA employment satisfaction survey (CLICK HERE FOR LINK) showed that college satisfaction levels were nearly 10% less than private training providers.

There are certainly aspects to this that, as a private training provider, is great news.  Although colleges may have large class numbers and a variety of courses, there is always the possibility that some learners will get lost in the crowd.  What if a learner isn't sure about a particular concept, and yet is too wary to speak up in front of others?  A lecturer may not have the time to go through everything in more detail at the end of the class due to other time constraints and work commitments.  

A private training provider can provide more flexibility when it comes to the learner, both face to face, and online.  In fact, student feedback from our students always comment on the excellent support and guidance they receive from their tutors.  Having that dedicated tutor support gives a learner more confidence, knowing that queries are answered quickly, and assessments are marked and feedback given promptly.  Students can continue to progress at their pace - not that of the college timetable.

Online courses are also becoming more popular as learners expect to have information on demand - much like their social networking, news, and shopping habits.  Education is the natural progression as students want to study in their own time, and at their own pace.  More often than not, MKLC students complete their qualifications faster than those who chose to study with a college.  

Are private training providers the future of education for young talent?  What are your thoughts?  Comment below - we'd love to hear from you!