David Houchin - Student of the Month!

We are so pleased to announce that David Houchin is Student of the Month, having completed his CET qualification.  

All of our students are asked for their feedback on the course, and for our Student of the Month, we also ask them to let us know their motivations for taking the course, and what they hope to achieve.....

I have some, but limited training experience and I needed the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training to qualify me to apply for a new job and move to the full time trainer role that I really wanted. I found the CET programme challenging but the qualification is eminently achievable, even though I did not already have the AET.

I had initially started the same course at a local college but quickly switched to MKLC after they weren’t delivering what I needed. MKLC offered a degree of flexibility that enabled me to work at my own pace and use qualified assessors from work who were able to fit around the times when I delivered my teaching practice in a way that the local college couldn’t achieve.. That was important to me and made the difference between being able to get the job I wanted or not.

I’d like to finish by thanking my tutor, Stu Rutherford and the wider team for their feedback throughout and particularly for their incredibly efficient and swift turnaround time for enquiries and assessments.
— David Houchin