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Expecting the Unexpected - High Achievement Rates in E2E, Can It Happen?

In January 2007, the Nuffield Review of 14-19 Education and Training (2006) which was put forward to the Education and Skills Select Committee, stated that “The participant study (Entry to Employment Participant Study Final Report, (October 2003) Spielhofer, Mann and Sims LSDA and referred to below) registered overall positive experience of young people in the pathfinder programmes. However, the gains reported were more at the level of personal development and job search skills and much less at that of literacy and numeracy.” This is totally at odds with the outcome of my research findings (maybe I‟ll send them a copy) and mine and my colleagues‟ experience on our E2E programme.

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Emma Hymanmotivation, CPD
A Deeper Understanding of Dyslexia

I have chosen to investigate an area of educational disability as it has a huge impact on my learners, my department, and also my role in education, which is set in a prison environment.
It is an area where, with research, I can extend my skills and knowledge and understanding in the area of dyslexia; this will impact and improve learning for my learners and their peers. It will enable me to extend the skills and knowledge of my colleagues and Prison staff creating a more dyslexic friendly environment for all in the area where learning takes place.

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Dementia & Drugs

I have been teaching in childcare and health and social care sector, and my background is childcare, it is vital to develop one‟s own perception of our strengths and weakness, by self evaluation and reflection I am able to identify areas I need to build on, develop and set goals for self-improvement.

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Vimmi VirkCPD
Appropriate Logistics Training - Trade Management Curriculum

Since I started this DTTLS course I have had an opportunity to try and improve aspects of my lessons within reason, ensuring that quality was not compromised. Completing each unit of this course has enabled me to look at the processes that are involved in delivering successful informative lessons and identify areas for much needed improvement.

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Barry MacleanCPD
“E- Learning or Face to Face learning which will increase access, registrations and success rates on CMI leadership and management programmes”

The area of research I have chosen is to look at is the problem of poor uptake of leadership programmes at level 3, 4 plus 5 and I will be exploring the issues of the introduction of self-managed development as a strategic organisational development tool, and online education ‘Is it as effective as traditional teaching?’

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