Professional Development

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publish a paper


Ever wanted to become a published academic as a way to improve your career, or simply to demonstrate your expertise in a specialised area?

Students work through this online course by formalising their initial concept and idea,  receive guidance and tips on how to review the relevant literature, shown how to collect data and compose effective questionnaires, and finally how to analyse and present their results.  

Students complete the course with an 3,000 - 5,000 word academic paper that is ready for publication.  


diploma in project, research & study skills


This course provides students with the research training and skills required in preparation for a Master's degree or a PhD. 

There are two core units to this course: one focuses on research methods and the skills involved in undertaking a research project, while the other involves the application of these skills.  It is estimated that 120 hours of learning are needed for this programme.  There may be more time involved in carrying out the research project, depending on how the data is being collected. 

Students are also given advice and guidance on how to present their project in writing and orally.