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Replacement of traditional sketchbook reflective journal with reflective blogs to improve the quality and maintenance of the reflective process

Students at my organisation use the traditional sketchbook reflective journal (SBRJ). It was observed that the quality of SBRJ was poor. It was also observed that the SBRJ, in most cases, was not the true 7 representation of students’ performance. The feedback from the students showed that most of them were not happy with the process of reflection. They found the process to be time consuming and tedious.

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The Effective Use of Student Feedback in Curriculum and Programme Planning

I reviewed at least seventy five per cent of the feedback forms, from programmes that were delivered with mixed groups of realise that we as a group of teaching professionals we are inviting students to comment on the programmes that we deliver, but we seem not to incorporate into our practises; which shows that I have not been reflective enough in my practise as I had thought.    

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