functional skills

Developing Curriculum Strategies of Embedded Functional Skills - A Research Project Focused On Topics That Interest 14-16 Year Olds

Functional Skills is not a term that young people are used to these days and it is complicated to explain what it means. However by explaining what they will gain through completing Maths and English transferrable skills their approach to them is much better. The difficulty is finding that link or topic that will help to develop the curriculum and make learning about functional skills that much easier.
This research project will be looking at developing curriculum strategies of embedded functional skills so that young people are developing and applying the skills through topics that interest them without realising they are doing Maths and English


Supporting ESOL Learners with Limited Functional Skills

All learners received initial, formative and summative assessments during the course. My observations concluded that formative and summative were well structured and provided the learner and tutor with continuous feedback and successful candidates with a real sense of achievement. However, the initial assessment was found to be the weakest link in assessment chain because it was inconsistent and unreliable. This was evident by the number of tutors that had commented on the amount of undiagnosed ESOL learners who exhibited limited functional skills and had little chance of understanding the content of the course and passing the examination.