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Using assignments instead of final exams: a case for assessing learning in prisons

The majority of my learners have learnt the relevant skills required for them to use the tools of a particular Office product, however, some are finding it difficult to pass exams due to: set time pressures, reminders of bad school experiences, and a reliance on good memory.  

From a teaching perspective, going assignment based would make my life easier as I would have more time to spend teaching learners rather than constantly marking exams or checking IPU’s not just for ICT content, but for grammar and spelling.

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What are student perceptions of my marking and feedback practice of summative assessment?

What are student perceptions of my marking and feedback practice of summative assessment? Are they only interested in the headline news – ‘did I pass?’ Or do they read and reflect in greater detail? If they have passed or achieved the merit or distinction they were hoping for, do they bother reading the rest of the annotations and feedback? In terms of development, do they prefer brief abbreviations or longer comments?

Questions that might arise include: Does my marking serve a deeper purpose for students beyond getting a grade? Do I need to find ways to encourage greater engagement of students with my marking? Will I need to make fundamental practice changes to do this?

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Does skills development and work related skills interventions as a collaborated approach, support more claimants into employment on Work Programme?

As the sole trainer on WP it is my responsibility to identify a scheme of work that best fits the claimants and increases their work skills and employability. I intend on designing sessions that focus on the development of practical work skills and how these skills are linked with competencies in the workplace. 

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The Quality of Initial Advice and Guidance and its Impact on Progression Rates

“Action research is a powerful tool for change and improvement at the local level” (Cohen,L,et al.2000, p226). This statement made me realise that if I chose a relevant topic to my organisation that I could have a real impact on our work and change it for the better. This empowered me to consider various subjects and I came to a final decision regarding my action research topic by carrying out a SWOT analysis on our current IAG provision.

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Consultation Forms: The Importance of Correctly Completing Consultation Forms for Clients

The importance of correctly completing consultation forms for clients over the last few years, especially within the public service industry, which includes Beauty & Holistic Salons, Spa’s, Gym’s and parts of the NHS, seems to of lost a degree of importance. It is through personal experience and conversations within the beauty/holistic industry that the importance of how consultations are carried out needs to be readdressed.

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